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This is the course page for City College Course PHYS 351, Mechanics, in the Fall 2021 semester

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The book

Modern Classical Mechanics , T. M. Helliwell & V. V. Sahakian

Course Schedule and Materials

The exam and homework schedule is subject to change, but this represents the most likely dates for those items.

Date Subject (& pdf) Book Units In class HW Other
Aug 25 introductory [ pdf ] n/a Slides
Aug 30 1d motion [ pdf ] 1.1-1.3 Slides HW1(sols)
Sep 1 Quadratic Drag and Comp. Phys Intro. [ pdf ] 1.3 Slides Life at Low Reynolds Numbers
Sep 6
Sep 8
Sep 13 Oscillations [ pdf ] 1.4-1.5 Slides HW2(sols) Lecture Video
Sep 15
Sep 20 Oscillations Slides HW2#5 data
Sep 22 'puters Mathematica Example notebook Lecture Video
Sep 27 Coordinates (pdf) 1.6 Slides Python from Class & Mthmtca NB & Lect. Vid
Sep 29 Coordinates & SR 1.6 Slides HW2 Due Zoom
Oct 4 Special Relativity (pdf) 2.1 Slides
Oct 6 Relativistic Kinematics (pdf) 2.2 Slides Zoom
Oct 11
Oct 13 Spec. Rel. Continued
Oct 18
Oct 20 Quizy time (sols)
Oct 25 Calculus of Variations (pdf) 3.1-3.4 Slides
Oct 27 Euler-Lagrange (pdf) Slides HW3(sols)
Nov 1 Lagrangian Mechanics (pdf) 4.1-4.3 Slides
Nov 3 More Lagrangians (pdf) Slides
Nov 8 Even More Lagrangians
Nov 10 Hamiltonian (pdf) + Central Forces (pdf) Slides + Slides HW 3 Due
Nov 15 Quizy time (sols)
Nov 17 Gravity (pdf) Slides
Nov 22 Field Trip
Nov 24 Orbits (pdf) Slides
Nov 29 Accelerating Frames 9.1 - 9.4 Slides HW4
Dec 1 Accelerating Frames Slides
Dec 6 Coupled Oscillators
Dec 8 Coupled Oscillators
Dec 13 HW 4 and Projects due

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