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This is the course page for City College Course PHYS 207, Sections GH1, GH2, GH3 Below are useful links.

The course syllabus is here: Syllabus

The book

Halliday, Resnick, Walker - Fundamentals of Physics, (10th or 11th edition)

(available on reserve in the Science Library in Marshak, or for purchase online)

Online Homework

You will be able to access the online homework system here (starting Monday, Feb 1):


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Information about the Project is here: Project Instructions

Lower case Greek Letters are here: greek letters

Formula Sheet

Most of the important equations from the class. Consider this like a list of basic vocabulary. You'll need to be able use and understand all these equations to be fluent in the language of PHYS 20700.

Formula Sheet

Course Schedule and Materials

The exam and homework schedule is subject to change, but this represents the most likely dates for those items.

Date Subject (& pdf) Book Units In class HW Extras
Feb 1introunits [pdf] 1.1-1.2Slides
Feb 31d-kinematics [pdf] 2.1-2.4Slides
Feb 81d-kinematics [pdf] 2.5-2.6Slides
Feb 10mathvectors [pdf] 3.1-3.2Slides HW 1 Due
Feb 15
Feb 172d-kinematics [pdf] 4.1-4.4Slides HW 2 Due
Feb 22forces [pdf] 5.1-5.2Slides
Feb 24forces 5.3HW 3 Due
Mar 1forces 6.1-6.2
Mar 3forces 6.3HW 4 Due
Mar 8circular-motion [pdf] 4.5, 6.3Slides
Mar 10circular-motion 4.5, 6.3HW 5 Due
Mar 15energy [pdf] 7.1-7.2Slides
Mar 17energy 7.3-7.6HW 6 Due
Mar 22energy [pdf] 8.1-8.5Slides
Mar 24impulse-momentum 9.1-9.9HW 7 Due
Mar 29
Mar 31
Apr 5 class trip
Apr 7impulse-momentum [pdf] 9.1-9.9Slides
Apr 12rotations [pdf] 10.1-10.3Slides
Apr 14rotations [pdf] 10.1-10.3Slides HW 9 Due
Apr 19torque [pdf] 10.6Slides
Apr 21torque [pdf] 10.4-10.8Slides HW 10 Due
Apr 26torque [pdf] 11.1-11.9Slides
Apr 28gravitation [pdf] 13.1-13.8Slides HW 11 Due
May 3oscillations [pdf] 15.1-15.6Slides
May 5oscillations [pdf] 15.1-15.9Slides
May 10oscillations [pdf] 15.1-15.6Slides
May 12oscillations [pdf] 15.1-15.9Slides HW 12 Due
May 17thermo Projects Due

Other information

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