Welcome to PHYS 454 at CCNY

This will be the course page for City College Course PHYS 454 in the Spring of 2022.


This course is listed as a zero-textbook course, which means no text book purchase is necessary. That doesn't mean you don't have to read anything. The class notes, and provided readings, will largely cover the material, however, you can supplement them with a number of other books if you feel like you need more information. Some useful ones:

  1. An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics, Bradley W. Carroll, Dale A. Ostlie,

    Otherwise known as the Big Orange Book, this book covers just about everything that a full year course in intro astrophysics would cover. This is is not a full year course, so there are obviously many sections we won't cover.

  2. Foundations of Astrophysics, Barbara Sue Ryden, Bradley M. Peterson

    This is a more modern, and smaller introductory book. It covers less material and is somewhat more accessible.

  3. Fundamental Astronomy , Karttunen et al. Another textbook. This one is free to access from CUNY internet (via. SpringerLink)

Other information

Some student resources you might want to use can be found here: CCNY Campus Resources


Here is a page with tools you can use for data plotting/analysis/etc.


For email communication, please include in the subject: PHYS454. (This is to make sure I see it.)

To comply with FERPA guidelines, please use your ccny email to correspond with me. Include your name and section number, and EMPLID if you need administrative actions done. If you will be missing class or other activities due to illness, state that and that only. It's inappropriate and unprofessional to share details about vomiting, migraines, etc. Keep that between you and your medical provider or family, not your physics teacher.

Course Content

Course Content will be available here. Exact Dates are subject to change, but this represents the most likely dates.