Pedagogical Projects

HTML Lecture Slides
lecture slide sample image

I've never subscribed to the notion that we should hold course content hostage and only release it during lecture hours. I try to make as much of my material available for either download, print, or in class use. Currently, this involves the use of a web based slideshow that I use in class. Students can also access the slides during class, or can print out pdf version of them before (the recommended approach).

Lecture slides are often built using powerpoint. My first year of teaching I did indeed use Powerpoint. However, I abandoned powerpoint as a platform for building course material several years ago. These slides are built using HTML5 and some Javascript. They are essentially web pages, formatted to look and behave like a slide show. This enables them to contain all the power associated with the web: interactivity, accessibility, platform independent, and full of rich media.

  1. Portable
  2. Write-on-screen capabilities
  3. Free / Open-source
  4. Media-rich
Online Homework Software
olhw slide sample image

After using MasteringPhysics, WebAssign, and WileyPlus, I became frustrated with the standard publisher created online homework systems. So, I built my own. I've been using in classes now for about 2 years. The best feature, from the student's perspective is the cost: 0$. I felt ashamed as an instructor when I required students to pay for the privilege of doing their homework. Over a January recess last year, I built the initial site. Since then, I've been adding features in response to student feedback.

  1. Free!
  2. Numeric Input w/ Random Variable generator
  3. Hints & Solutions
  4. Short answer questions too