Dancing Cats and Interplanetary Ballet

Short Form Media Production When You Have No Time or Money.

Dr. James Hedberg

City College of New York

Dept. of Physics
Director of CCNY Planetarium

No more captive audiences

What are the rules of outreach & sci-comm?

Most are probably better described as guidelines

  1. Accessible

  2. Exciting

  3. Relevant

  4. Inspiring

  5. ...

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Flying ν

My Spark

Yet, the only way for such a geometry to exist, in which the planet's path through the sky would cross like a V or X, would be if their orbits were heavily tilted out of the ecliptic plane. Which according to the current models of the solar system is not correct.

How to make a v or x shape

Truth telling tools

The OpenSpace Project

  • Open Source Astro Viz
  • True Scientific/Data Visualization

"But, can we see it from New York City?"

Look what our local government has given us!

The people demand a movement!

Our canvases are smaller than before, but more fun in some ways.

We can predict the future...

We can explain things...

We can recreate impossible views of historic events...

Where do you want to take your spaceship?

How to get started

Some notes:

  1. This software does require a powerful computer.
  2. It's still beta, so don't expect the maturity of MS Word...
  3. The Hub: a community resource
  4. There's a team of beautiful people working on this right now.
  5. New release coming in June!

Tell the Truth*

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