PHYS 35100 - Fall 2021

The project is an opportuntiy to explore one bit of physics from the semester in a little more depth.

Please prepare a 2-3 page report style document in which you dig just a little deeper into something. The example from class was the problem from HW3 about the ramp that was changing its angle and how the puck was found to move up at the very beginning. Something that might not be immediately obvious, but ended up being an interesting tangent to the problem (and was visible in the plots).

Your report should be typed (in latex preferably) with some math, and a hopefully a graph and figure of some kind.

Don't just rederive something we already did, or solve a regular homework problem. Try to find a spark that ignites a little curiosity. Ask what if?

These are some examples of similar projects that I prepared for PHYS 20700 (and are at that level of physics, not 35100 level). They all involved actually measuring something in the world, which isn't a necessity for this project, but it should help give the basic idea.

Soup Can Race →

Smart Phone Kinematics →

Tension in a dumpster cable →