Welcome to PHYS 21900 at CCNY

This is the course page for City College PHYS 21900: Physics for Architects.

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The course syllabus is here: Syllabus

The book

Physics Principles with Applications, Giancoli, 7th ed.

(available on reserve in the Science Library in Marshak, or for purchase online)

Online Homework

You will be able to access the (free) online homework system here.


The Project

See this page for more information: The Project

Lower case Greek Letters are here: greek letters


To comply with FERPA guidelines, please use your ccny email to correspond with me. Include your name and section number, and EMPLID if you need administrative actions done. If you must miss an exam or other assessment due to illness, state that and that only. Be prepared to provide formal documentation from a health care provider that you were unable to be present that day (do not include private medical information). It's inappropriate and unprofessional to share details about vomiting, migraines, bowel movements, etc. Keep that between you and your medical provider or family, not your physics teacher.

Course Schedule and Materials

The exam and homework schedule is subject to change, but this represents the most likely dates for those items.